Service Area

Large Scale Surveys

End to end tailor made services for conducting large to very large sample size surveys, both inter and intra state. The activities along with development of qualitative and quantitative tools also include customized Mobile Based Applications and Development of Web Based Server along with Management Information System (MIS) for monitoring and analysis purposes

  • Research and Survey Design
  • Sample Identification and design
  • Field Operations and Data Co-ordination
  • Data Processing, Programming and Hosting
  • Programming and Hosting
  • Advance Analytics and Visualisation
  • Reporting & Publication

Infrastructure Planning

Preparation of Detail Project Reports for Housing, Slum Redevelopment, Water Supply, Underground Drainage, Municipal Solid Waste, Sanitation, Roads and Transportation in urban and rural areas. Designing and development of Information System for Performance Assessment in areas of water supply, sanitation, physical infrastructure and providing mitigation measures for immediate infrastructure needs

Software Application Development and Database Management

Mobile Based Application development to achieve the objectives of a project, development of Web Based Application to enable Real Time Review, Monitoring and Database Management.

Application is structured in accordance with the tools designed for achieving the objectives of a Project, type of data that need to be captured and areas from where the data needs to be captured. Provisions for special features like video links, audio links, Photographs, Identity Cards, Amenities and other details are made in the application for authentication.

The captured data is uploaded to the dedicated server on real time basis and authentication, monitoring and analysis reports are generated according to the client’s requirement.

Key Design Considerations include determination of

  • Application Type
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Appropriate Technologies
  • Quality Attributes
  • Crosscutting Concerns

Reform Implementation

Providing complete support to ULBs to implement reforms in Property Tax, Municipal Accounting and other departments to achieve accuracy, transparency uniformity and acceptability by conducting Household Surveys, Transformation of data to Electronic System, Database Monitoring and Management, Software Development, Legal advice with active Stake Holder Participation and Capacity Building

Implementation of two landmark reforms

  • In Property Tax, to move the entire system from Annual Rental Value (ARV) to Unit Area Method (UAM)
  • In Accounting shifting the functioning from Cash Based Single Entry System to Accrual Based Double Entry Account Entry System. This process includes preparation of Manuals, identification of fixed and movable asset inventory, Chart of accounts, Opening Balance Sheet, Budgets, and Financial Statements

Third Party Inspection

Project based physical verification of infrastructure, location based quality and quantity check and gathering demographic and other information providing authenticity to collected information.

Development Plans

Preparation of Detail Project Reports including Planning, Designing, Estimation and costing for Infrastructure, Housing, Slum Development and redevelopment in Urban Areas.

Impact Assessment/ Evaluation

Impact Studies for various Government Policies, Programmes, Schemes and Campaigns in Environmental, Economic, Social and Housing sector based on Respondent Survey/ Opinion Survey/ Physical Verification/ Reconnaissance Survey

Training and Capacity Building

Training, in-house capacity building and handholding to ensure successful and effective implementation of Projects at all levels. The approach is designed to allow for a progressive transfer of knowledge and skills to training institutions and its personnel, in the view of ensuring ownership and long term sustainability. The approach involves a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, developed to ensure accountability.

  • Governance
  • Internal Communications
  • Engagement With Specific Functions
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Hand Holding

Environmental Planning

Evaluating existing environmental status, Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and preparation of Environmental Management Planning (EPM) Survey and Assessment of natural and environmental resources in urban and rural areas. Development and Implementation of Environment Management Plans with special focus on waste generation and recycling. Developing mechanisms for People’s participation in sustainable development and management.

Evaluation of post disaster situations/ conditions in affected areas.

Management Plans for Classification, management and storage of different categories of waste.

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

Through PMC, APARC ensures timely completion of construction works with due regards to sound contract management, quality, safety and environment practices in accordance with the contract provisions. Providing preparation of Bill of Quantities, Measurement Books, construction supervision, responsible monitoring and control standards and progress to keep the works completed on Schedule and within Budget for necessary statutory compliances. Ensuring execution of all works in full compliance with the engineering design, technical specifications and contract conditions. Making adequate and correct documentation of the project to deal with legal and contractual aspects of the civil works.

GIS Based Services

Requirement based total GIS solutions, Thematic Mapping for Landuse/ Land cover, Urban Landuse, Soil Mapping, Lithology, Drainage, Watershed, Slope, Geomorphology, Groundwater prospects, Forest mapping.

Perspective Planning

Assessment of existing infrastructure, demographic analysis, population projection along with infrastructure demand projection leading to identification of deficit in infrastructure provisions. Project identification and prioritization in consultation with citizens and administrators followed by preparation of City Investment Plan

Policy – Formulation/ Modification/ Implementation

APARC provides constructive policy level interventions from grass root to national level, for beneficiaries and stakeholders based on projects executed and vast experience attained from the field. It has played an important role in formulation and modification of many Acts and Rules, at state and national level, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, State Planning Commission, Madhya Pradesh to name a few.

Design and Development